Well The Bee has finally spoken........

Not that I really know what I want to share on my 1st blog, just thought if I put finger to pad I may be inspired.

Erm, no hasn't worked.

So let me go for the basics. I am Emma and in my spare time from being a mum to my two year old, working evenings in a betting office and cooking every meal, putting every wash load on, hoovering every carpet, the lot really (not a moan, just hope other half reads it), I work on my little hobby "The Beespoke"

I have always had a love of colour, bright cheerful things and just love to be creative. I completed a Degree in fashion design, but never really fell in love with the industry. My creative side now lives on through my Jewellery, but must admit that now we have a new female addition to the family (my gorgeous niece) I am dying to get out my machine and blow off the cobwebs and make her a funky little dress.

So watch this space, you may see my first creation in a long while, or may just cheat and buy a pattern. So fab ones out now. Especially Patty Young Sewing Patterns Pictured above.


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