I thing I can just about call this my first folksy Friday and at 23.15 I think I am pushing it a little.
After all the Sun today I am feeling in a holiday mood, so here are some of the things that I like and I am sure you will also.

I just love this cute little Caravan from Bread & Butter by Bev Jennings the flowers
are just so cute. I want a real life size one just like that.

This Gorgeous Cushion is a real treat for any Caravan Lover. Find it at Katie-sshed

Find some Beautiful treats at Pants and Paper with a real Vintage Charm to them

This Colourful Print can be found at Original Art by Clare

Just how cut is this Hand carved Stamp from Skull and Cross Buns
Well all I can say now is, Roll on the Sunshine tomorrow! Fingers Crossed, we have a BBQ planed

My impressive photo

Have to share my two impressive photos.

I am really pleased with my little self, I always see other peoples photos and wonder how they get them to stand out so much.
After messing around with my camera to take my Jewelley pictures (not quite so impressive) I managed to flick on the camera and catch these beauties. Just a shame he liked the taste of sand and that I have no idea how the camera was set now. lol

The new Background

After playing about with a mixture of backgrounds for my Jewellery pictures I have finally settled with the following.....

I am hoping that this background will be subtle enough to mix with most of my jewellery pieces yet bright enough to...... well just be delicious to the eye.

Pictured above is "flamenco Buttons" and "Dolly Bird" Take a peek on my website http://www.thebeespoke.co.uk/ or find me on folksy http://www.folksy.com/shops/TheBeespoke for more of my Jewellery. (Hopefully all will eventually be in my new style at some point.

If you are after some insperational images take a look at the work of Andrea, the Designer behind Polka http://www.folksy.com/shops/polka . The backgrounds are just so striking and fab not to mention the work on top of them. It puts mine to shame now.

Now I am sure you can't help but just love them! Well I do

Well The Bee has finally spoken........

Not that I really know what I want to share on my 1st blog, just thought if I put finger to pad I may be inspired.

Erm, no hasn't worked.

So let me go for the basics. I am Emma and in my spare time from being a mum to my two year old, working evenings in a betting office and cooking every meal, putting every wash load on, hoovering every carpet, the lot really (not a moan, just hope other half reads it), I work on my little hobby "The Beespoke"

I have always had a love of colour, bright cheerful things and just love to be creative. I completed a Degree in fashion design, but never really fell in love with the industry. My creative side now lives on through my Jewellery, but must admit that now we have a new female addition to the family (my gorgeous niece) I am dying to get out my machine and blow off the cobwebs and make her a funky little dress.

So watch this space, you may see my first creation in a long while, or may just cheat and buy a pattern. So fab ones out now. Especially Patty Young Sewing Patterns Pictured above.